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At Air-MSP we’ve got years of real experience managing MSPs at all tiers, from ground level operations up to strategic management and entrepreneurial business ownership.

Our experience goes beyond the theory and comes from real-life activities sometimes, learning the hard way. We’re therefore able to save you a lot of time and trouble, and we’re eager to do just that. Here’re a couple of short notes on some of our team members.

  • Professional Service Automation

    Todd McQuilkin

    Partner Analyst and Advisor

    My experience includes management of businesses, as director/owner since 1995. I was quick to recognise the MSP approach over 13 years ago. In 2014 I won Entrepreneur of the Year for regional British Chamber of Commerce business awards. I’ve worked in the ICT industry for over 25 years.

    My passion lays in leadership, covering the whole range of MSP operations: PSA Implementations with management of continued improvement, business operations, Business Intelligence., service delivery, employee engagement, people management, and sales and marketing.

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  • Simon Smith

    Operations and Business Information

    I’ve worked in the ICT/Technology industry for 25 years, in roles from, ICT strategist, business development, marketing through to network administration in organisations with thousands of employees.

    Maintaining Air-IT’s PSA is another area where I’m accountable. To this end, I am a ConnectWise Certified Professional Administrator.

    I get a huge buzz from business intelligence, from analysis to implementing changes and monitoring for consequent efficiencies.

    It’s great to be able to share the insights I’ve gained plus ways to convert business information into success for other technology companies.

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  • Dan McQuilkin

    Partner Relations

    Since graduating I’ve had a number of roles focussed on building relationships with clients and vendors. My role ensures that you get the best advice, because we get an early heads-up on developments in technology so we can test these in a real life environment.

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  • Tim Wiser

    Automation Specialist

    With many years’ experience under my belt in RMM and scripting, I ensure that configuration items (CIs) replicate between your RMM tools and PSA. This saves time and improves accuracy within Incident Management, documentation and Event Management.

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  • Ben Curtis

    Product Specialist

    The way you present yourself to your clients is a key element of customer satisfaction and loyalty. It’s also the best way to encourage self-service and free up your resource. Using our client interface tools I can help you achieve both goals.

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