It’s interesting when I ask the question – How do MSP’s measure success? – Most people have said profits are the number one measure and judging from this recent survey ConnectWise commissioned, it confirms this feedback. As you can see from the graphic below over 43% of MSPs rate profit as the number one measure of success but the figure i want to highlight is that shockingly only 7% of MSPs rate the customer experience as their most important measure of success.

I am happy to report at Air-IT we are one of the 7% – For us, the Customer experience is our top measure for success. – We believe that if we can deliver a consistent world class service and our end users are happy then the profits will come. For us, our customer experience strategy is key to making sure we build a sustainable business that has little or no churn, happy clients and happy end users.

As part of our Customer experience strategy we focus on our people – if we have happy people then we will be in a stronger position to drive through our customer experience strategy. At count today we have over 93% engagement from our team in April!


We use CrewHu to drive our employee engagement by tying in the Crewhu Bucks feature with our CSATs,  and creating badges that encompass our company values (some examples above) and thus cement our culture – It’s a perfect ingredient to focus our people on delivering client happiness. It’s worth mentioning that although our CSAT score is over 98% we only use CSAT as part of the balanced score card which is used to measure our customer experience performance (it has a 25% weight and is considered one of our top two)



Above is our employee engagement segment from our customer experience influence flow chart. Our employee awards are embedded into CrewHu and staff earn CrewHu bucks that can be spent in the cafe. The staff can buy anything from a pot noodle to a luxury weekend away. We even have prizes for half days off and a prime car parking space for a week.

We run external team building days every quarter, have personal development plans in place and we run bi annual employee surveys using WeThive. Finally we have a clear career path and give everyone the opportunity to progress in our business. All this helps keep our people engaged and happy and gives us the foundation to carry out the rest of our customer experience strategy.

At Air-MSP all our clients consider the customer experience their number one measure; if you are a MSP and would like to implement a customer experience strategy, want to build a sustainable business, just like Air-IT or are interested in learning more about CrewHu then we will be more than happy to help – contact me through LinkedIn.