50 golden nuggets for any aspiring MSP

Maturing from a help Desk to a Service Desk is no easy task. Most fail and continue to deliver a reactive service, others turn to outsourcing the service desk operation. In my opinion, to class your business as a MSP you must deliver the service yourself and you cannot outsource any part of the managed service offering – this includes the RMM piece. I see the attraction and understand why some may think this is the way to solve their problems but in reality, if you outsource, you will never be able to call yourself a true Managed Service provider.

In this article I will cover 10 selected golden nuggets from the 50 we believe can be used to build your own Service desk offering that delivers a consistent quality service.

These golden nuggets are the topics we cover when we run our COESD – (Centre of Excellence for Service Delivery) events in Nottingham.

1)     Tool set – your tool set needs to be defined at your earliest opportunity – don’t think you can use your own developed ticketing engine or your own spreadsheets to monitor progress – invest in PSA or ITSM software from the offset and

2)     Super charge your PSA or ITSM – look into integrators to compliment your business at the appropriate time

3)     Employee engagement – invest in an employee engagement piece – this must be looked at in depth and the system needs to fall in line with your departmental and company objectives

4)     Knowledge management from the offset – look at KCS methodology and create the process to have good knowledge management in place that will be used by your techies and by your customers for self-service

5)     The right people on the right seats – an obvious one but far too often we employ the wrong fit as we are under pressure and we don’t end up selecting based on the culture of the business.

6)     Culture – this must be engrained into your business not just written on the walls, get this right from the start and employ based around your values and culture.

7)     Ownership – Let your service department come up with their own mission statement and empower them to L.O.V.E – live our values every day

8)     Experience – Employ an experienced service desk manager with the view of adding a service delivery director at the appropriate time. Don’t think you can do it yourself or get one of the lads to step in – this rarely works – service delivery is a dark art and will need experienced people to get you to world class

9)     Objectives – Define world class and build your KPI around monitoring your departmental progress.

10) Ticket management – Employ a dispatcher to manage the ticket flow – if you are small then the dispatcher can hold the dual role of “chaser”. The chaser is your admin techie that calls your customers once a techie has completed the initial work on the ticket and it is ready to close, they are the ones that keep the communication channels open and will reduce customer comments of – “you don’t communicate with me enough”

At Air-MSP we work with MSPs to help them get through the challenges they face in their daily operations. We work with them to standardise their KPIs and we share the experiences we have had at award winning MSP Air-IT.

The Air-IT Service Desk is used as a live lab and are the only SME MSP that has ever received a 3-star rating at the first attempt in the SDI Service Desk Institute certification programme.

The COESD is delivered by myself, Paige Smith and Professor X – Simon Smith is a certified Connectwise Expert and ITIL certified. The syllabus is endorsed by the SDI (Service Desk Institute) We are all Service Delivery geeks and understand the complexities of building a MSP Service Desk and truly believe outsourcing this key piece in not the way to build a sustainable MSP business.

Message me if your company is interested in joining the next group that will be starting in the next few months – places fill fast.